Doutzen Kroes – La Tete Haute Premiere – style Cannes Film Festival Designer Clothes

Today I have come with yet another new and beautiful collection of Clothes Brands Doutzen Kroes – La Tete Haute Premiere – style Cannes Film Festival. Fashion revealing. Clothes show which group of people you belong to. For example, in high school always people who identify themselves in a certain group : “a goth, emo, skater, preps, biologists, punks, etc.”. Styles show who you are, but they also create stereotypes and create distance between groups. For example, a businessman might look at a guy with green hair and multiple piercings as a freak and outsider. But for another person, this guy is a strict conformist. He dresses a certain way to convey the idea of rebellion and separation, but within his group, this type – uniform. Acceptance or rejection of a style is reaction to the society in which we live. Fashion is a language that tells the story of a man who wears it. This post contains quite a new look, simple, stylish, trendy. I hope you will love them all. Enjoy!

Gallery photos and images of Doutzen Kroes:

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