Shipping: Once you have placed your order through the M&Y Fashiony Website, it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive your tracking ticket in your mail (working hours from 8am to 5pm). Then the merchandise can take between 3 and 7 days to arrive at your address.

Shipping fee of $12.00 all USA

Free standar shipping on order over $150.00



If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it to us for a refund subject to the following terms.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. and our payment processor will send the refund instantly and process it in the shortest possible time. Your financial institution may take up to 20 days to reflect the refund in your bank account or card. If you don’t see the refund after 20 business days and you still see the original charge on your bank statement, you should contact your bank for more information.

To receive a full refund to the original payment method, merchandise must be returned within 30 days of the order shipment date accompanied with the original receipt, invoice, or order confirmation. Select merchandise will be accompanied with a tag that must stay attached in order to return the item. If there are multiple shipments in an order, then merchandise must be returned within 30 days from the date of the last shipment. The 30-day return period will be applied to the different return methods as follows:

For refunds, we will send you the shipping documentation to your email that you gave in your purchase.

Return to store: return must occur within 30 days of the ship date.

For Return contact us: +1 (305) 910-3506 or

The merchandise must be in the same physical condition that it was received.


You may make changes to or cancel your order at any time prior to the packing of your order in the M&Y Fashiony Distribution Center. To make changes to or cancel your order, please contact the M&Y Fashiony Customer Service Department by email at or by telephone at +1 (305) 910-3506


Under no circumstance will M&Y Fashiony be liable to any party for indirect, incidental, special, consequential, and/or punitive damages pertaining to a sale of merchandise.

In certain jurisdictions, limitations of liability are not permitted. In such jurisdictions, the foregoing limitations of liability may not apply.


Each part of an order that you submit to M&Y Fashiony constitutes an offer to purchase merchandise. If you have placed your order through the M&Y Fashiony Website, then, after M&Y Fashiony receives your order, you will receive an email from M&Y Fashiony confirming receipt of your order (usually in minutes). If you do not receive an email from M&Y Fashiony confirming receipt of an order that you placed, then please contact the M&Y Fashiony Customer Service Department at the contact information provided above before you attempt to resubmit the same order. Please note that M&Y Fashiony’s confirmation of receipt of your order does not constitute M&Y Fashiony’s acceptance of your order.

M&Y Fashiony is not deemed to have accepted any part of your order until the requested merchandise has been shipped and M&Y Fashiony has sent a Shipment Confirmation Email.

If M&Y Fashiony rejects your order due to an error in pricing and/or other information, then M&Y Fashiony will notify you at the email address that you have provided. Once the error has been corrected, M&Y Fashiony will ask you whether you would like to re-submit your order.

If M&Y Fashiony has notified you that your order has been accepted by sending you a Shipment Confirmation Email, then you will not be required to pay a price that is greater than the Order Total that was displayed on the M&Y Fashiony Website at the time at which you placed your order.

If M&Y Fashiony has distributed merchandise that is different from the description of the relevant merchandise (as displayed on the M&Y Fashiony Website at the time at which you placed your order), then you may request a return. 

Although it is unlikely that M&Y Fashiony would refuse to accept an order, M&Y Fashiony reserves the right to deny any order for any reason, including where the following situations arise:

Error(s) in Billing, Payment, and/or Shipping Information

Some orders cannot be processed due to erroneous information that you have provided, which includes, but is not limited to:

Incorrect credit card or debit card number, expiration date, and/or security value.

Incorrect information regarding all other payment types.

Incorrect billing information (e.g. if you provide billing information that is inconsistent with the information your financial institution has on record).

Insufficient or incorrect information regarding your shipping address (e.g. street address, city, state, zip or postal code, etc.).

Suspected fraudulent information.

Delayed Shipment or Unavailability of Merchandise

If an item of merchandise is delayed out of the M&Y Fashiony fulfillment center or becomes unavailable, or if there is an error on our Website pertaining to the order (e.g. an error relating to the price and/or description of merchandise), then M&Y Fashiony may cancel the order. If this occurs, M&Y Fashiony will contact you so that you are aware of the situation.

Previous Fraudulent Order History

M&Y Fashiony may refuse to accept any order if fraudulent activity is suspected. M&Y Fashiony may refuse to process any subsequent order from a customer who has a history of placing fraudulent orders. M&Y Fashiony may refuse any order that is connected with a previous credit card dispute.